Battles and Betrays. Treachery and Friendship. Surprises and Wonders. But who will survive and win?

Defiance of Night

Defiance of Night, the sci-fi fantasy novel of intergalactic bounty hunter L`aquera

Journey with L`aquera and her companions in the first full-length novel as they attempt to find a legendary artifact while battling numerous foes, both expected and unexpected. The orderly life of the Night Stars is coming to an end as the balance shifts, but who will survive? Who will come out on top as a new order evolves?

L`aquera's first novel - Defiance of Night - front cover L`aquera's first novel - Defiance of Night - back cover

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Title: Defiance of Night
Author: L.Bates
Publisher: PublishAmerica
ISBN-10: 1606101528
ISBN-13: 978-1606101520

L` didn't disappoint them, they heard the distinct sound of fist connecting to jaw and watched the body of Moose hit the floor, his head lolling about and his whiney tones shattering the air. "You blasted feren idiot!" She came barreling out of the sleeping quarters with tight lips and those flame-colored locks messed up and sticking up in certain places. "Who the hells is stupid enough to poke at my…" Voice trailed off and her eyes rose to get a gander at both Veri and Grex who were looking pretty self-satisfied right then. She gave them a glare, kicked Moose for good measure until he rolled out of that back room and crawled for his chair. Only then did the door slide shut once more. Likely she was getting dressed.

Defiance of Night