Fantastical imagery bringing to life the fantastical universe of L`aquera and the Night Stars


Discover the world of L`aquera and the Night Stars, as portrayed in the sci-fi fantasy novel Defiance of Night by L. Bates. Here are the hauntingly beautiful pictures to accompany the book, bringing it to life as never before.

  • Tidal Weaving in the sci-fi fantasy novel Defiance of Night
  • Shun Trees on the home world of L`aquera
  • A motley band of heroes face the universe in Defiance of Night

"I won't have it Baron! I won't. We can't send in just the one. Are you insane? What if she gets it into her head to simply take the stones instead of bringing them back?" The shouting was from Lord Kenen of course, his usual calm chain of thinking tossed right out the pillars on this. He was also the only one that hadn't been drinking the wine. Rory took note of that rather easily and waved his hand to calm the situation. "It all makes sense of course but we could perhaps hold a contingency plan. Send in one from every direction. They don't even know what the items looks like, now do they? Let's not get our nerves jangled over this."

Defiance of Night