L`aquera - Night Star, assassin, bounty hunter, desirable bitch with an attitude as wide as her flame colored hair is long!


How to describe a World so far away from your own? The Shun trees that give off their own warmth when around them or touched. How they soothe one! How they keep one centered and focused. So how could a planet full of life hold so many that bring death to the Hunted?

Hunted, a menagerie of creatures from every known star system to every known planet that trades. They are never asked why they did their crimes for the Night Stars, who are the only ones allowed to Hunt them or to kill if wished, donít care to hear their stories. Itís a job. And itís also... an adventure.

One such Night Star, L`aquera, is refocused on a new Hunted. She is what they term, a Stater, one high ranked in the art of Hunting, having earned her spot by hard work, cleverness and not a bit of sly dealings. Yet during what should have been routine the diminutive woman came across a story that couldnít be just set aside or ignored for someone else to grasp. A myth, a legend told all over every star system out there; a device and gathering of stones set into necklace shape that was said to enhance a natural ability, give psychic powers and perhaps, make a thought into reality.

The subsequent race to uncover this ancient artifact revolves around her own home planet, involving every Stater known, in a race to see who will come out on top. Yet the other Night Stars arenít given all the information and for the first time, the Hunters have become the Hunted. Half breeds have invaded their very world and the twists and turns in this story will make your gut wrench and your toes curl. Yet whom do you cheer on? Are these Night Stars heroes? Or the ones that could plunge every known world into a vacuum of endless darkness?

"Yeah, yeah... same blasted thing and a different day to boot, L`. Just pay the damn fee and get your yelling done in the cafť, eh?" This came from Elden, his hand waving about to shoo the woman off. The man behind the grubby counter was all beady eyes and fat cheeks, as loathsome an item as any in this hell-hole they called Porters Lot 5. Disgusted by the sight she looked around a mismatch of vehicles and Marden Cruisers that were resting there for now; the big ones mind you, not the little planet ships that provided small accommodations and a cramped feeling in your butt when you finally got out of the things.

Defiance of Night