Night Stars - the designated race of bounty hunters; Tidal weavers, elitists, beautiful. Slight in stature but deadly in combat!

Night Stars

A definitive race of creatures that have inherited a trait of empathic abilities that they call Tidal weaving. It can turn ones emotions upon themselves or twist the body and manipulate from a distance if so needed. Only the Staters or the Hunters as they are termed, can twist their gift to such an extent and they use this weapon well. They are a diminutive race, flesh colorations ranging from ebony to a cast of grey depending on where they were born upon their home planet. Yet Shun trees are everywhere and the planet itself is far smaller then most.

The Night Stars themselves range in height from 5 feet 1 inches to five feet three inches. Only a few gain an inch taller or shorter. Their eyes are tip tilted and exotic, the colorations run from deep seated ambers to the silvers and gold’s to deep blues and purple flecked. While small in stature, they make up for this in an incredible agility where their Tidal weaving has greater effect. The ears of a Night Star stand tall and proud, an elegantly refined tapered point that juts just above the head. Most sensitive indeed and their striking looks set them apart from many other races, if not coveted to be owned by others.

Their weapons range from laser guns to the heavier three barreled hand guns that pack a punch. To blades in length of one to four feet. They always choose a weapon most carefully and usually those that will help them get in close and get the job done very fast. Some even own Otril Nets, shot out from a small pommel made of steel, these nets are actually made from the bark of the Shun tree itself and are nearly as hard as steel, clinging to the prey they hunt down and weighing them down until they become exhausted from fighting it. Deadly is this race. None would wish to make an enemy of them and none wish to be hunted by them.

Now their ships are just as unique as the weapons they choose. Some go for style, sleek birds of prey that cut through the coldness of space in a flash. Others prefer a gun laden craft made with heavier materials to outlast another in ship to ship battle. Some are small and others are large and some are in between. Some are created with a metal that can resist one gaining a Tidal communication through their hulls, while still others are merely a way to get from point A to point B. It always depends on the Night Star but they spend all their chips upon these ships to improve and hopefully run down those they hunt.

What a hell of a send off. They were basically kissing each of them to the death toll and it hadn't even started? As soon as the Mother and Rory turned to talk quietly to the council everyone else began talking at once, or quickly moving off to find their groups. L` however seemed to be glued to her chair, those silver pools finding and honing in on Master Rory. A whispered word in her ear, something that had made her look at the male and held her attention. What was it, what was she hearing? "Hey L`, your on my team right?" Kesk was ever the opportunist, he knew who the best was and he had to have the witch best suited for the job. She had never failed in a Hunt and he doubted it would be any different when it was just some object.

Defiance of Night